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Fly in comfort, but without your chair!

Fly in comfort, but without your chair!

Fly in comfort, but without your chair!

When Valentin Duthion set off for New York with his family for a holiday, he was understandably excited, this was the holiday of a life time and more so for Valentin as he suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, so the trip had been planned with military precision. So, when the family arrived in New Jersey and found his £32,000 wheelchair had been wrecked it didn’t bode well for the trip. Read the full story here https://goo.gl/ytbDWs

Now it appears that the airline did try and resolve the issue and had the chair repaired, but it was not for a day or so and the replacement chair was not suited to Valentin’s needs.

We know that mistakes and accidents do happen, we are all human, however it is how these are acted on that is important and in this case, we feel the airline didn’t recognise the seriousness of Valentin’s needs and how important it was to him and his family.

Our whole approach to working with all our customers is to understand what their needs are and ensure we do whatever we can to ensure their needs are met. Sometimes we don’t get it right first time, but when that does happen to do everything that is needed to deliver a solution.

If only the airline had taken this approach, Valentin and his family might not have had their holiday ruined.

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