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Getting an NHS Wheelchair can Vary Wildly Depending on where you live.

Getting an NHS Wheelchair can Vary Wildly Depending on where you live.

Following on from our recent post about Wheelchair Vouchers, more information has come into the media recently about the challenges of getting an NHS wheelchair.

A recent BuzzFeed News investigation revealed 96% of areas in the UK are failing to supply wheelchairs within the 18 weeks guaranteed by the NHS constitution. This can, unsurprisingly, have a massive impact on disabled people across the country.

The situation varies hugely from area to area across the UK and in some circumstances, can mean a patient not getting a wheelchair at all.

The wheelchair voucher scheme (see our previous blog) does go some way to help overcome this situation but will not overcome all challenges. Having worked with the voucher scheme for a long time, Wenmans are well aware of the potential delays and are good at minimising the waiting time for anybody to ensure they get their wheelchair as soon as possible.

To read the full article and see a map of the UK showing where there are the most delays click here.

But remember, there is always a way to overcome these challenges and that is something Wenmans specialise in. We work to adapt all solutions to meet your needs, so if you have a specific need with your wheelchair or any other item related to mobility call us 01926 624432 or get in touch.

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