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It’s Amazing what you can do in a wheelchair.

It’s Amazing what you can do in a wheelchair.

Following on from our blog earlier this week about the “Invictus Games” we could not resist sharing this story, which follows in a series of stories that show just what can be achieved, no matter what the disability.

13 year old Lily Rice, it would seem, has not just defied gravity, but expectations. She has just become the first European to do a backflip in a wheelchair, have a look here at the video, it is incredible.

Whilst most normal people in Lily’s position would be looking at how they can get out and lead as normal a life as possible, this is not Lily, she wants to push the boundaries all the time, constantly challenging what people thought could be achieved and now she has achieved this. What next?

Lily is an extreme, what she enjoys doing is not what most people would, but it does show that if you persevere at anything you can achieve it, no matter what your mobility restrictions.

We spend all our time helping people overcome their challenges and our mobility engineers can help you, whether you want to become the next Lily Rice, or need to be able to get around your house easily.

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