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Mannequal makes its debut, but what is it?

Mannequal makes its debut, but what is it?

In recent years there has been much said and written about different types of models being used to present fashion so that the industry becomes more realistic, highlighted by the “supersize” model in recent years. This has also translated into mannequins and other items used in shops to sell clothing and accessories.

However, up until now, no retailer has addressed the issue of using new ideas in shops to engage with less able customers, that is until Sophie Morgan, an artist came onto the scene.

Sophie was injured in a car crash and is now confined to a wheelchair and wondered why clothes shops were not promoting their garments to disabled people. With her creative mind, the answer was simple, if there was a mannequin that reflected her situation, she would be far more likely to consider buying from that shop.

And so, the mannequal was created, a shop mannequin that represents a wheelchair bound person, together with a model wheelchair. The response has been fantastic with several high street retailers already using the mannequal and Adidas using them at the recent World Para Athletic Championships.

To hear all about Sophie’s simple but innovative solution click here

From our perspective this is great news, we treat our customers as individuals, no matter what their challenges and this development by Sophie should help make it easier for disabled people generally The fact that able people see the less able included in everyday situations will also hopefully mean that the young and impressionable see people as equals and are more accepting of the less able?

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