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The Invictus Games: Truly Inspirational

The Invictus Games: Truly Inspirational

Last week Florida has played host to the Invictus Games 2016 – with those taking part having challenged our thoughts on what it means to be an athlete, and inspired people across the globe to test their limits.

Having made the ultimate sacrifice for their country these servicemen and women have become empowered through sport to overcome physical and psychological challenges, proving that they will not be defeated! Truly inspirational.

With the growth in events like the Invictus Games and other sporting activities for the less abled, has come with the increased demand for adaptive sports wheelchairs and equipment. Made from modern materials such as carbon fibre, thermo-plastics and titanium with modifications such as angled rear wheels to allow for more stability, these sophisticated wheelchairs not only allow individuals to compete professional in sports, but can actually assist them in out-performing able-bodied athletes. Truly amazing when you think about it.

Like day-to-day assistive technologies, wheelchairs designed specifically for sports should be tailor-made and purchased through the support of an experienced Rehabilitation Engineer or Assistive Technology provider.

Wenman Healthcare's very own Rehabilitation Engineer, Sarfraz Gulab, explains in more detail, "Sporting events like the Invictus Games highlight the sheer dedication and motivation of less abled athletes, who have worked hard to overcome any physical condition to compete in a sport they love and enjoy.

"For many this of course would not be possible without assistive equipment, like sports wheelchairs, which just like day-to-day equipment should be a bespoke purchase. Where one wheelchair can enable a disabled athlete perform well in their chosen sport, it could prevent another individual from performing at all. Everyone has variations with their conditions, and as a result should have the correct equipment that will guarantee the best performance."

Wenman Healthcare is a family run provider of mobility and living aid solutions. For more information about bespoke mobility equipment or to speak to a member of our dedicated and experienced team please call the office on 01926 624432 or email [email protected].

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