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Why are wheelchairs just functional and not stylish as well?

Why are wheelchairs just functional and not stylish as well?

Back in September we wrote an article about fashion targeting able bodied people and not taking into account the needs of disabled shoppers.

Well now the design conversation has moved onto wheelchairs as well as clothes.

In this article a very valid question is asked, “Why are wheelchairs designed to be functional not allowing for style, personalisation and innovation?” When you look at modern wheelchairs they are all very similar, sure, some hi-tech chairs use carbon-fibre and look at bit space-age, but they are still fundamentally the same design.

Why is it then, that no one has thought about designing wheelchairs that look different and reflect the user more than just being a chair.

This article asks some very good questions and we agree with the views, often people are reliant on wheelchairs to get around all the time so why shouldn’t they be personalised.

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