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You don’t have to buy a scooter?

You don’t have to buy a scooter?

When people realise they need additional help to stay mobile, they will start looking at what devices are around to help them, this can include walking sticks, frames, wheelchairs, scooters and many other products for use at home and when out and about.

Once someone has got over the first hurdle of accepting they need some help, they can then have a shock when they find out how much the various devices can cost. Over the years we have worked with thousands of different people with very different needs and from very different backgrounds, many of whom find costs to be prohibitive.

However, with all this experience we realised that we couldn’t exclude people just because they couldn’t afford to buy a scooter for example, so, we established our hire fleet. Just like a car hire company, we have a fleet of scooters that people can hire from us for short or long periods of time, but don’t worry they don’t cost as much as a car.

To find out more about how we make sure everyone stays mobile call us on 01926 624432 or contact us.

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