Four projects testing innovations to improve care for older people.

Four projects testing innovations to improve care for older people.

The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) is a body that brings over 500 businesses working in the healthcare industry together. The BHTA logo gives the public the knowledge that the company displaying the logo is trustworthy and one that abides by a strict code of practice.

But the association is not just about the members and accreditation, we do so much more, working to deliver very specific projects through our Innovation for Improvement programme.

The focus of these project is to use new and interesting approaches to improve care for older people. Clearly some of the projects are further ahead in development than others, but all show great potential to help improve care.

Here is a list of some project we are working on:

1. Managing your own risk of getting a pressure ulcer

Every year in the UK approximately half a million people develop at least one pressure ulcer. Most pressure ulcers develop while patients are in their own homes, but technology tends to focus on the hospital setting. In this project, a team set out to determine whether pressure ulcer risk could be managed by patients themselves, by introducing technology, alongside patient and carer education, in community settings including patients’ own homes.

2. See what I see: remote assessment using smart glasses

‘See what I see’ has care home workers using head-mounted technology (Xpert Eye smart glasses) to have two-way communication in real time with GPs.

3. Extending primary care teams

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust in Hampshire is leading a transformational project to reduce duplication and fragmented working across primary, community and social care.

4. Continence promotion in care homes

Incontinence affects 50-80{b9a8f918fcb60ea33a5a65dbc84f8dfce5652bd351040e1e6fd7114372a50823} of care home residents. There is increasing demand for continence products throughout Scotland, with around £13 million a year spent on these products. NHS Lanarkshire Health Board, in partnership with NHS National Procurement, is developing and testing a ‘continence care bundle’, a range of evidence-backed interventions that, when used together, can make a positive difference to patients.

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