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Pride of Warwick Customer Care winner announced.

Wenman Healthcare, after proudly winning the Pride of Warwick Customer Care award last summer were invited and to be the new Sponsors of the Pride of Warwick Carer of the year Award. An award that is at the heart of all we do, working with the less able and physically or mentally challenged people in our community, how could [...]

Top Tips for the Summer

As we age, we gradually lose the ability to regulate our body temperature. This is why older people tend to overdress — they don't feel heat the same way anymore. Older skin also thins and offers less protection from the sun. Medications taken for a variety of diseases and symptoms can interfere with one’s ability to manage hotter weather. A [...]

Pride of Warwick District – Carer of the Year

On Tuesday 6th June, Touch FM will announce this year’s cohort of finalists live during the breakfast show and Wenman Healthcare are pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring the “Carer of the year” award. Having been proud to have been awarded the Customer Care award last year, we recognise how important it is to give recognition to those people [...]

Four projects testing innovations to improve care for older people.

Four projects testing innovations to improve care for older people. The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) is a body that brings over 500 businesses working in the healthcare industry together. The BHTA logo gives the public the knowledge that the company displaying the logo is trustworthy and one that abides by a strict code of practice. But the association is not [...]