NHS Community Care – a complex beast.

NHS Community Care – a complex beast.

It is quite common for people to believe that NHS budgets are controlled and allocated to a relatively few number of large organisations such as NHS Trusts and private service providers such as Sodexo. However, recent figures published point to a very different picture.

The facts are:

NHS providers hold over half (53{b9a8f918fcb60ea33a5a65dbc84f8dfce5652bd351040e1e6fd7114372a50823}) of the annual financial value of the contracts for community care awarded by the health service.

Private providers were awarded 5{b9a8f918fcb60ea33a5a65dbc84f8dfce5652bd351040e1e6fd7114372a50823} of the total value of the contracts

The third sector (charities) were awarded 2{b9a8f918fcb60ea33a5a65dbc84f8dfce5652bd351040e1e6fd7114372a50823}

GPs were awarded 1{b9a8f918fcb60ea33a5a65dbc84f8dfce5652bd351040e1e6fd7114372a50823} of the value

That leaves 36{b9a8f918fcb60ea33a5a65dbc84f8dfce5652bd351040e1e6fd7114372a50823} of the total budget which went to a diverse group made up of community interest companies, social enterprises, local authorities and others reported as non-NHS. With this complexity, it is no wonder the budgets are difficult to control and surely presents an opportunity for the NHS to improve its efficiency.

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