Pride of Warwick Customer Care winner announced.

Wenman Healthcare, after proudly winning the Pride of Warwick Customer Care award last summer were invited and to be the new Sponsors of the Pride of Warwick Carer of the year Award. An award that is at the heart of all we do, working with the less able and physically or mentally challenged people in our community, how could we resist.

The short-listed candidates were;

Castel Froma- a well-known local charity running Castel Froma and the Helen Ley homes providing care for people with serious neurological conditions.

Entrust Care Partnership- a not for profit organisation working with disabled children, young people and adults in groups, one to one in the home or community to offer a different cost-effective care solution.

Sanchia Hansen- a committed volunteer helping and encouraging young people through a range of activities explore and share their feelings using experience to assist others.

The winning organisation was Entrust Care Partnership, a very fitting winner of this prestigious award. They met the needs of disabled children, young persons, adults, and their families and carers through the provision of short break activities, care, support, training, advice, and brokerage tailoring services which are bespoke to the individual.

We hope to continue to sponsor this important community carer award in the years to come.